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Coronavirus Prophets Exposed?

During the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Michael L. Brown, radio host and apologist for the charismatic movement, said, "As many of you know, I believe in prophetic ministry today, recognizing from the NT that every word must be tested. Some well-known charismatic prophets have spoken of a major change (or, shift) concerning the virus by mid-April, by the end of Passover season."

You barely have to test this "prophecy" to see it's vague nonsense. Things could get better or worse, and these guys would say, "See? A major shift!"

This is called a "shotgun prophecy." Take a shot at a month or season, scatter some unspecific terms, and whatever happens, your prophecy was just broad enough, it's going to hit something you can take credit for.

The COVID-19 outbreak exposed every modern-day prophet and faith-healer as a fraud. Bethel Church in Redding, CA, who claims to heal the sick, told their faith healers to stay away from local hospitals.

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